The Mustard Field

welcome to my website
"I paint, not to create great paintings, but because I want to."

I went to art school because I liked making art, not because I had something deep and meaningful to say. For me, painting has always been a comfort. I enjoy the process of painting. I enjoy the challenge of establishing a satisfying composition, choosing a harmonious colour scheme, crafting the value masses, defining a centre of interest, physically applying the paint. 

I make the work I want to make, get on with it and hopefully it connects with other people. 

If I happen to make a great painting as a result, then that's a bonus.

Important influences in my painting life include Peter Lanyon, Nicholas de Stael and John Blockley as well as the great Hans Hoffman and the Buddhist writer and artist Frederick Franck.

I generally work to a small scale. For me, there is something about a small scale that encourages all manner of exploration and experimentation so that all kinds of surprises happen. I also find there is something that seems enigmatic and personal about working small that I enjoy.