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Drawing inspiration from the land and seascapes of Norfolk, I paint in a free and fluid style using acrylic, charcoal, gouache and mixed media, always searching for an emotional response which leads the mind beyond what the eye perceives.

Much of my work veers toward abstracted realism, usually with some reference to the land or sea. It is the ambiguity of abstraction that delights me; much more content is possible when the subject is not definitive. My paintings are recognisable through my use of strong compositions, exciting colour harmonies, strong values and expressive brushwork.

Important influences include Peter Lanyon, Nicholas de Stael and John Blockley as well as the great Hans Hoffman and the Buddhist writer and artist Frederick Franck.

I generally work to a small scale. For me, there is something about a small scale that encourages all manner of exploration and experimentation so that all kinds of surprises happen easily and naturally. I also find there is something that seems secretive and intimate about working small that I enjoy.

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