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Drawing, painting, teaching and me

Since my student days I have believed in gaining knowledge from direct observation. Drawing is very important to me and through drawing I try to explore shape and form and discover the subject’s potential for a painting.

My interests lie in interpreting different subjects through the power of colour combined with effective composition. I paint primarily in acrylics, including mixed media, and if I have a “style” it might best be described as leaning towards realistic abstraction.

My teaching is based upon the importance of learning the basic skills to become a proficient artist which the great American artist and educator C.W.Mundy described as the 7 Foundational Truths. These are the painting fundamentals and principles that underpin all my own work. If you want to paint portraits, abstracts, still life, the same foundations apply; they will give you a solid basis for anything you chose to paint, regardless of subject or medium.


The teaching method I use offers a simplified, six step approach to understanding these basic fundamentals and principles.

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