Why do I paint?

Not to create great paintings, but because I need to paint. Because I enjoy the process of painting. Because I enjoy the challenge of establishing a satisfying composition, choosing a harmonious colour scheme, crafting the value masses, defining a centre of interest, physically applying the paint.

​Why do I paint abstracts? Again, because of the challenge. As Kandinsky, the Russian artist who pioneered abstract art, said:

​“Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colour, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential.”

​I know I draw well. I was first awarded Honours by The Royal Drawing Society when I was just 11 years of age and I have received many awards and accolades since that time.


I believe I understand the importance of composition and structure, my 25 plus years in the advertising industry saw to that.


As for a sensitivity for colour? Having been influenced as a young painter by the work of the St Ives Group, in particular Peter Lanyon and Bryan Winter, then having had the good fortune to work with such great colourists as the late Christopher Assheton Stones, and John Blockley, I like to think I have developed that sensitivity over the years.


​For me, painting is about the process of discovery. I might have something in mind when I start a painting but, reacting to the brush strokes I make, I often end up in a different place from where I started. The act of making paintings is, to me, both freedom and meditation.


​Whether I am essentially a true poet as demanded by Kandinsky? I leave you to make up your mind as you view my work.

malcolm jarvis

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