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The current pandemic has meant that my regular painting classes  had to be cancelled as well as every workshop planned for 2020. Unfortunately, I have now been forced to cancel the first two workshops scheduled for this year.


Throughout this difficult time, many of my regular students have kept in touch and I noticed a common thread running through almost all the emails I received.

Pretty well without exception, they mentioned a lack of inspiration or ideas, a lack of motivation and a kind of ongoing mental and emotional exhaustion. I admit I experienced the same phenomenon and, I suspect, so too did many of you. 


The whole Covid 19 thing, with all its lockdown, social distancing and conflicting and fast changing messages is a lot for anyone to deal with and, of course, the first thing to go when you're in any state of worry or distress tends to be creativity – and getting that creativity back can be a problem.


That’s where I hope 'Notes from the Studio' will help.

My intention is to provide it free on a monthly basis. It will be filled with a smattering of ideas, suggestions, techniques and tips to help you be inspired to get back to producing art your way on a regular basis. And I promise I will try very hard not to be boring or too serious. Because, at the end of the day, painting should be FUN!

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