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Walking in the Tas Valley

I was walking in the Tas valley a couple of days ago, an area I love with its unspoilt tranquillity and sense of history. This was, after all, where the Iceni lived and farmed and where the Romans came and built a town known as Venta Icenorum - market place of the Iceni – on the river bank. Sadly, only the walls of the town survive.

I wondered whether I could capture the essence of that part of the valley and what it means to me from memory and have spent the last two days making a piece of art that attempts to do just that. I thought I would share it with you. Perhaps it might encourage you to visit this lovely part of Norfolk.

'The Tas below Venta Icenorum' 10" x 14" Acrylic

As always, comments and critique are welcome.

Be blogging again soon. Until then, happy painting.





I'm Malcolm, a painter, tutor, lecturer and workshop instructor living in South Norfolk.

My years of painting experience have taught me to loosen-up, let go of fear and paint spontaneously.

My philosophy is ‘less is more’.

  • Fewer brushes for livelier, quicker painting.

  • Fewer paints for easy, straightforward colour mixing.

  • Fewer techniques for optimal results.​

But that doesn’t mean I ignore the basic fundamentals and principles upon which I believe all good painting should be based: shape, value, colour, edges and centre of interest.

​These foundations underpin all my work. If you want to paint portraits, abstracts, still life or landscapes, the same foundations apply; they will give you a solid basis for anything you choose to paint, regardless of subject or medium.

It is my intention to talk about these fundamentals in a straight-forward, no-nonsense, jargon-free way in this blog and to encourage you incorporate them into your work.

Thank you for visiting!

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