As soon as Covid 19 restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to meet as a group, my workshops will now be held at:


Marlingford Village Hall

Mill Road, Marlingford, Norwich NR9 5HL


The following dates have been booked in anticipation of being able to work together but the content of each workshop is a first draft and is subject to confirmation

2021 Workshop Schedule       Saturdays   10am – 4pm

                                                    July 3               Loosen up after Lockdown

                                                   August 7           Aspects of Drawing

                                                   September 11   Florals – A New Approach

                                                   October 16      Creative Painting from Photographs

                                                   November 20   Abstracting the Landscape


The fee for each workshop will be £40.00 per person. Places will be limited so pre-booking will be essential.


Please make a note of the dates but take no further action until you see an announcement that reservations can be made.